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Augusta Civic Center
October 11th, 2014
               8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  
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KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Stephen Shore  For more information about Mr. Shore please SELECT HERE.
BREAKOUT SESSIONS: See Breakout Sessions page

If you require a certificate of attendance and/or a University of Maine CEU form there will be a $20 Fee
A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the day.
STATE OF MAINE CEU's:Will be available. You must attend the entire day to receive the CEU's. (no partial CEUS given)
PLEASE NOTE:Attention SLP-CCC's--- This activity may be used to meet the ASHA certification maintenance requirementif you determine that: (1) the content is relevant to your area of practice and your practice setting, and (2) you are in your 3-year maintenance interval. You do not need prior approval from ASHA to use this activity. The activity is offered for 7 Certification Maintenance Hours, and you will be provided with the appropriate documentation of attendance (CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE). For more information on acceptable activities and your record keeping responsibilities, contact ASHA at 800-498-2071 or

COST:  No Cost to attend. Please note: IF you would like a certificate of attendance and/or CEU form from University of Maine, cost is $20 per person.

REGISTRATION:  You may register on-line or the day of the event.  YOU may now register when you arrive! Walk-ins are always welcomed.  
LUNCH:  Lunch is your choice, The Augusta Civic Center will have concession stands open for your convenience. There are also eateries nearby.
THE CHILDREN'S ROOM: There will be a children's area available. This area is available for parents, caregivers and respite providers who would like a dedicated space to bring their child/children.    Please note: CHILDCARE IS NOT PROVIDED   Various art projects, puzzles and games will be available.


7:00  to  8:15    Exhibitors Set Up
8:30                  Registration
8:30 to 9:45      Visit Exhibitors, Networking

to Noon: Keynote Speaker: Steven Shore

Noon to 1:00pm:  Lunch, Visit Exhibitors, Join Table Discussions

1:15  to  2:30    1st Breakout Session
   Workshop A: “The ABCs of FCT” – Targeting Language Acquisition from a Behavioral Perspective  (FCT=Functional Communication Training)
   Workshop B: "Potty U" 
   Workshop C:  Transitioning into Adult Services

2:45  to  4:00   2nd Breakout Session
   Workshop D: Autism Plus+
   Workshop E: The A-B-C's of Children's Services
   Workshop F:  Inclusion at School

For more information on BREAKOUT SESSIONS CLICK HERE

4:00-  Submit Survey and Receive Certificate of Attendance and CEU paperwork. (There is a $20 fee for COA and/or CEU forms.)
          No partial credits for CEUs.  Must be in attendance for the entire day in order to qualify for the .7 CEUS 

Navigating the SEA of Autism